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H009.352Nuc1179 Prohibition Era in Atlantic City
Prohibition went into effect nationwide at midnight January 16, 1920. This law made it illegal to make or sell liquor (including beer and wine), but Americans drank anyway, going to secret clubs or “speakeasies” or making "bathtub gin" at home.

H009. Club Harlem Louis Armstrong 1 Magic of Kentucky Avenue
The area around Kentucky and Arctic Avenues, “KY and the Curb” as it was known, was the place for visitors and locals to frequent nightclubs that attracted top performers along the East Coast. The clubs were filled with celebrities, including those who performed at other venues, politicians and people looking for a good time.

 h009.storm1962.030web March 1962 Storm
The winter storm of March 6-7, 1962 pummeled the East Coast. In Atlantic City, 50 mile-per-hour winds and nine-foot tides led to flooding and damage. Flooding was so bad that during high tides, more than half of Absecon Island was completely underwater, with the bay meeting the ocean.

H049.624.158Gar014 crop

100 Years of Garden Pier

Garden Pier first opened on July 19, 1913. Over the years it has hosted hundreds of exhibits, dances, talent contests, magic shows, and more. It survived a few hurricanes, and today is the home of the Atlantic City Historical Museum and the Atlantic City Art Center.

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