As a motel craze led many sections of Pacific Avenue to be dotted with the complexes in the 1950s, the Sun ‘N’ Sand Motel became one of the first to extend the new trend to the Boardwalk. Stately, imposing hotel buildings from the turn of the twentieth century had long been the standard on the Boardwalk, but their popularity decreased as they began to show their age. The Sun ‘N’ Sand, at 118 S. Providence Avenue, opened in 1955 as a new and affordable alternative. Not to be outdone by the first class accommodations provided in hotels, the Sun ‘N’ Sand billed itself as “An Adventure in Luxury Living.” A postcard of the era also boasts that the motel was recommended by Duncan Hines, who despite being known today mainly for food products, was once a noted restaurant and travel critic. In the next decade, motels on the Boardwalk became commonplace, as even the old “grand dame” hotels were annexing new motel wings in order to compete. With the dawning of casino gambling in Atlantic City however, many motel structures disappeared. The Sun ‘N’ Sand is one of the few to remain standing today, although it is currently operating as Ocean Villas Condominiums.  H050.SunNSand001 
 sun n sand 1  A postcard advertising the Sun 'N' Sand Motel, circa 1950s.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H050.SunNSand001
 The Sun 'N' Sand as seen from the Boardwalk in December 2014.  

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