A product of Atlantic City’s “motel craze” designed to provide fresher, more affordable alternatives to the stately Boardwalk hotels, the Nautilus Motel opened in 1955. At 3501 Pacific Avenue, the motel was centrally located, and branded itself as “distinguished resort living.” A postcard from the era states that “nothing can surpass the accommodations of the Nautilus for décor and sheer personal comfort.” The Nautilus had 50 units, made up of both traditional rooms and kitchenette suites. Each unit was provided with air conditioning, heat, a radio, telephone, television, running ice water, and “generous closet space for a long vacation.” Despite the motel being a less impressive structure than the hotels on the Boardwalk, these were features that many of the old, aging buildings did not have! This advantage made motels extremely popular in Atlantic City, until the gaming era again shifted the accommodation focus in the city. Many motels closed up or became a part of new casino complexes. The Nautilus, however, remained open. The building is still standing today, although it now houses the Sea Breeze Club condos.


For more information, see these resources in the Atlantic City Free Public Library, Atlantic City Heritage Collections:

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H050 Postcard Collection

 An undated postcard showing the Nautilus Motel.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H050.Nautilus.
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